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PD. Laris Jaya Teknik

PD.Laris Jaya Teknik - Jual Kipas Angin Industri dan Kipas Angin Berdiri


Selling Cheap Fans

Laris Jaya Teknik, fan suppliers of various types and brands. We sell fans, which are one of the important types of needs to refresh the air, especially in summer. Selling cheap fans with types include:
- The fan is standing
- Wall fan
- Floor fan
- Portable fan
The use of fan models is generally considered the area of the room and the arrangement of furniture, such as wall fans that are suitable for a room that is already full of furniture, so that it relies on the wall to place the fan.
Find various fan models for your needs and industry only to us, and find cheap and affordable fan prices for each of our superior products.

PD. Laris Jaya Teknik

Welcome to PD. Laris Jaya Teknik. We are a company that established since 2000 engaged in industrial Fan, Floor Fan, Stand Air Fan, Wall Fan, Exhaust Fan, Flexible Ducting. We were in Ltc Glodok Lt Gf1 Blok A6 No.5 Jakarta Barat. Discover the variety of our best products (Kipas Angin Industri, Kipas Angin Berdiri, Kipas Angin Lantai, Kipas Angin Dinding, Exhaust Fan, Flexible Duct) with quality and the best price you can get.

PD. Laris Jaya Teknik

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  • Ltc Glodok Lt Gf1 Blok A6 No.5 Jakarta Barat, Jakarta Barat
    DKI Jakarta , Indonesia
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